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About Us

Welcome to Dragonfly Wood &Resin Designs

My mother inspired my love for art and my grandfather sparked my passion for photography at six. Since 2006, I’ve worked as a boat builder and enjoyed teaching children how to create things. In 2011, I got my dream job in Boston. Now, I am caring for my mother in Niantic while I pursue my passion and business.

It's All My Mothers Fault!

I have always been involved in some sort of art work. As a child my mother and I would sit at the kitchen table day and night doing art projects from ceramics to stained glass, to toll painting, sewing and wood working just to name a few projects. At the age of 6 my grandfather gave me a 110 camera and a National Geographic Magazine and I was hooked on photography. Lately my photography has moved underwater with sharks.

Since 2006, I’ve worked as a boat builder and in my spare time have been making cradles, cutting boards, knife blocks for friends and family.

Since January 2010 I’ve been working with the children at Xavier’s school building strip kayak, a sailboat, skate boards, guitars, Lego tables, chest boards, and of course cutting boards. I love working with the children they are so energized and Eger to learn.

Then in June 2011, I was offered a dream job in Boston, MA working with 5th graders building boats during the school year. I was able to combine my two passions working with kids and building boats. As a bonus I now had a full shop at my fingertips (no longer working in the back yard and being weather dependent).

We have now moved to Niantic CT to help take care of my mother who started all of this (lol she says I always have to blame her for something.) So I am now giving my full attention to building my business and my passion.

I hope you enjoy my shop. Thank you for taken time out of your busy life to look at my art.

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